Song of Songs

Stage Play - 1 act

by Achim Höpner

Version 4 from 9.2.2017


Shulammite                          bride of the Shepard


Shepherd                             bridegroom of the Shulammite


Daughters of Jerusalem     women at the court of Solomon


daughter1                              1. daughter of Jerusalem

daughter2                              2. daughter of Jerusalem


Speaker                                OFF Voice. Can be spoken by the Shepherd


Watchmen                            Two Watchmen, appear in the dreams of the Shulammite, can be played by the Daughters of Jerusalem.


Requisites     Image of Salomon, Palace, Perl necklet, Curtains, Apple tree


Stage             The stage is divides into a left and a right part.

On the bigger left part is the inner chamber of the Shulammite.

On the right side is an apple tree under which sits the shepherd.

Between the two side is a wall.

The shepherd can see the Shulammite but the Shulammite can´t see the Shepherd. Like an interrogation room, on the left side a mirror, on the right side a windows.